Events 2015

Elder’s Dinner
March 28th
Kulu. 12-4 pm

The Big-time & General Council Meeting
May 23-24th
Taylorsville Campground
Saturday, Meeting at 12 p.m.

July 16th-19th
Look for us in the Native Village.

Autumn Gathering
October 3rd
Taylorsville Campground

Indigenous Peoples Days, October 9th-12th
1st Planning meeting on April 28th at 6:00 PM at Pana Panaka
Kulu in Browns Valley

Winter Gathering

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News Updates

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Who We Are

The Tsi-Akim Maidu of the Taylorsville Rancheria are indigenous American Indians. We are dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of our people’s language culture, history, heritage.
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Our Vision for California

It is the year 2050, Californians are celebrating the bicentennial of Statehood and reflecting upon the transformations from California’s birthing grounds—the Yuba River Watershed.  As the epicenter of the Gold Rush, the Yuba gave rise to wild visions of material wealth, ...
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Maidu History

The Maidu are a people whose homelands extends roughly from the southernmost reaches of the Cascade Mountain Range to the north, the crest of the Sierra Nevada to the east, the North Fork of the Consumes River to the south, and to the Sacramento River to the west.
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Tribal Council

Don Ryberg, Chairman
Eileen Moon, Vs Chairman/Treasurer
Gerald Ryberg, Secretary
Bettie Rose Davis, Member at Large
Marvin Cunningham, Member at Large
Ben Cunningham, Member at Large
Evelyn Davis, Member at Large
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